Reversing camera

Greater safety when reversing.

The reversing camera assists you when parking and manoeuvring: it displays the area immediately behind the vehicle which you are unable to see directly. As a result damage caused when parking and manoeuvring can be avoided. Dynamic guidelines and a 180° view also facilitate orientation when reversing.

A short-range camera in the tailgate handle captures the area around the rear of the vehicle and relays the information to the display of the multimedia system. Digital image transmission further improves the quality of the representation.

The reversing camera is activated the moment reverse gear is engaged. It is only deactivated when the manoeuvre is completed. That is, if reverse gear has not been engaged for over 15 s, or the vehicle has been driven more than 10 m or its speed exceeds 10 km/h.

The camera image of the reversing camera covers an area of approx. 3 m behind the vehicle. Horizontal and vertical guide lines assist the driver to estimate distances correctly. The horizontal lines are displayed at intervals of 0.3 m, 1.00 m and 2.00 m. The vertical yellow lines represent the vehicle width plus a safety margin of 0.10 m.