Lane Keeping Assist

Valuable assistance for staying in lane.

Lane Keeping Assist can help you to prevent accidents due to unintentionally leaving your lane. If the system detects that the vehicle has drifted out of its lane unintentionally – for example due to a lapse in attention – it warns the driver by means of a pulsating vibration of the steering wheel. This prompts the driver to return to the correct lane.

Lane Keeping Assist evaluates the pictures from the multifunction camera, which is located centrally behind the windscreen. Lane markings are detected by differences in contrast. The functioning of the system is impaired or unavailable if the lane markings are unrecognisable, for example owing to poor visibility or a snow-covered road surface. The system uses this data from the multifunction camera and the registered driver activity to deduce whether the lane has been left intentionally or unintentionally, and warns the driver if necessary. When Lane Keeping Assist detects an active driver input, for instance steering, braking, accelerating or actuating the turn indicator, the system does not emit a warning. Lane Keeping Assist is active from a speed of about 60 km/h. It can be switched on and off and adjusted to the desired sensitivity in the "Assistance" menu in the instrument cluster.