Mercedes PRO connect

The "Digital eVan Management" Connectivity Package gives you important information about charging and pre-entry climate control options.

  • With the "Remote eCharging" service1 you maintain complete control over battery charging and climatisation. You have access at all times to information about the battery charge level, range and charging end time, and you can use the option of pre-entry climate control for your eVito.
  • The "Intelligent eCharging" service2 provides you with the option of staggered charging of your electric vehicle fleet which will save costs. Benefit from an intelligently networked charging infrastructure, information on battery charge level, vehicle range and the end of charging; and from pre-entry climate control of your vehicle.

Mercedes PRO connect services are available for eVito vehicles manufactured as of 03/2019. In the case of questions concerning the availability of Mercedes PRO connect services for your eVito vehicle, please contact your dealership.


The "Intelligent eCharging" service is already available in Germany. Further markets will follow successively. For further information, please contact your local dealership.