Mercedes-Benz emergency call system

Automatic emergency call for fast help.

In the event of an accident the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system can help to significantly speed up the arrival of the rescue services at the accident scene. The data is relayed via the Communication Module (LTE)1 for Digital Services in the vehicle. The emergency call can be triggered automatically by the crash sensors or manually by the driver using the SOS button in the overhead control panel. It will then be sent to the Mercedes-Benz emergency call number or to a local emergency call centre. 

The system establishes a voice connection to the Mercedes-Benz emergency call centre or to the local emergency call centre and transmits the precise position as well as further information necessary for effective rescue and recovery. At the same time, the fleet manager is notified and kept up-to-date on the individual measures. The Mercedes-Benz emergency call system is activated from the moment the vehicle is handed over. There are no separate terms and conditions of use to accept.

Owing to supply shortages, availability of the communication module (LTE) for certain vehicles may be temporarily restricted. This situation affects Mercedes me connect services in particular, including the emergency call system (eCall). Regularly updated information on this issue is available from Mercedes-Benz dealers.