I have purchased a new/used vehicle and in attempting to activate Mercedes PRO, I was issued an error message that the VIN number is already registered in another account. What can I do?

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Contact the vehicle's previous keeper where you purchased the vehicle and ask them to delete this vehicle from their account. The previous keeper/dealership is obliged in line with the contract which they have signed to delete the vehicle from their account following its sale. This is stated in Section 5 d) of the contract which they have signed. After the previous keeper/dealership has deleted the chassis number from their account, please try activating the vehicle in your Mercedes Pro account again.

If you do not have the details of the previous owner, please contact your dealership. If you should continue to have problems adding the chassis number to your account, please contact your Mercedes-Benz service partner or the Customer Assistance Center at tel. no.: 00 800 3777 7777.

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