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Data security

Your data. Our responsibility.

Our principles.

We help you to optimise your daily work on the basis of data – with high-level protection and transparently.
Daten leisten viel für Sie

Data does a lot for you.

Sie behalten stets die Kontrolle

You always remain in control.

Höchste Sicherheit für Ihre Daten

Highest security for your data.


Information in detail.

  1. Use of data
  2. Control
  3. Safety
Data does a lot for you.

An eye on your vehicle at all times.

Our aim is to make your day-to-day work with your Mercedes-Benz van as simple as possible. Real-time data can keep you up to date about the status and location of your vehicles and provide you with up-to-the-minute traffic information for optimum route guidance.

Condition of the vehicle.

Tank fill level, brakes, tyre pressure or wiper fluid? You always have an overview of certain conditions of your vehicles thanks to data transfer. As a result you can plan ahead and save time and costs.


Know the location of your vehicle at any time: optimise utilisation capacity and navigate your fleet even more efficiently using localisation data – for the best possible co-ordination and anticipatory route planning.

Remote Control.

Full control, even if your vehicle isn't in view: check remotely if doors and windows of your vehicle are locked and use certain vehicle functions online. This means you can create more efficient work processes and better anti-theft protection.

You always remain in control.

Your data belongs to you.

The protection of your data is of great personal concern at Mercedes PRO. That is why we give you full control of all your information – all the time. We develop our Services with great care. You retain full control over your data including how it is processed.

Data management.

The right information for every job: as the company owner, provide your employees with precisely the data they need for their tasks. Our roles and rights concept supports you in managing information in your company with ease.

Recording data.

We at Mercedes PRO understand that circumstances may change. That is why we give you the option of activating and deactivating Services and the related recording of data at any time. If a person or vehicle leaves your company, you can simply delete the previously recorded data.


Highest security for your data.

Just for you.

We understand that your data must be treated with the utmost sensitivity. That is why we develop our systems in accordance with the highest security standards. Data storage in certified servers, encrypted data transfer paths and authentication are all par for the course.


All access to the technical infrastructure is protected by two-factor authentication. This double protection guarantees that only authorised persons have access to the information. In the case of unauthorised attempts to access data, our automatic monitoring function immediately sounds the alarm.

Data storage.

Our servers are located in the central Daimler AG computer centre or at the certified partner Microsoft in western Europe and meet all the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR. You can access your data at any time. Automated back-up and security processes prevent unwanted loss of data.


Your confidential company and vehicle information deserve the very best protection. Which is why we use encrypted data transfer paths for all data as a matter of principle. Under no circumstances do external third parties have access to your data – a sense of security.

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