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A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with active safety systems driving along a bridge

Mercedes-Benz Vans: the main thing is safety.

From the launch of the airbag through the development of ESP® to the first partially automated solutions: there is a long tradition of safety at Mercedes-Benz. And we are doing all we can to ensure that our vans bring you and your cargo to your destination safely in future, too.

Milestones of van safety.

Mercedes-Benz vans set standards in terms of safety. You want proof? Let's take the legendary L 319: results from numerous crash tests have been taken into account during construction of vans since as early as 1955. A world first followed in 1981: Mercedes-Benz launched the anti-lock braking system ABS in commercial vehicles. Since 1993 the system has been installed in all of our vans as standard. Shortly after that date, in 1995, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Electronic Stability Program ESP® together with Bosch. Today it is impossible to imagine the topic of vehicle safety without it. In the Sprinter ESP® has been part of the standard equipment since 2002. Anticipation of the anchoring of the system in international legal standards: according to a decision by the European Parliament, all passenger car and commercial vehicle models newly registered in the European Union as of November 2011 must be fitted with ESP®.

Pioneering spirit and leadership.

No doubt you are aware of the common safety and assistance systems in the commercial vehicle sector. Many of them actually celebrated their world premiere in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. For in order to always be able to support our customers with ingenious safety systems, our developers are continually working on extending features. Ultimately, all van users benefit from this continual launching of state-of-the-art safety technologies for vans. The Crosswind Assist – a first in the global van market at the time – was launched in 2013 for the first time in the Sprinter. In addition to the standard basic equipment you can fit your Mercedes-Benz van with further optional safety and assistance systems.

You can rely on Mercedes-Benz vans.

The Mercedes-Benz Safety Van on a test drive in a banked turn.

Special systems for particular requirements.

The requirements concerning commercially used vans are wide-ranging: they transport cargo, deliver goods and bring your crew to their place of work. On motorways, in urban traffic, day and night. You know your special requirements best. And we have what you need: the van perfectly tailored to your requirements. When configuring your Mercedes-Benz van, not only do you have the choice between different model series, vehicle lengths and engines – when it comes to the matter of safety, too, you can optimise the equipment according to your requirements.

Intelligent solutions for vans.

Strong gusts of wind can affect the vehicle not only when driving over bridges, but also when overtaking a truck. Crosswind Assist supports you in staying in your lane.
Beneficial over long distances: the ATTENTION ASSIST continually scans your driving habits and in case of deviations indicates when it would be time to take a break.
In case of unintentional drifting, Lane Keeping Assist issues warnings to you and supports you with automatic course correction if necessary. Areas where vision is obstructed are monitored by Blind Spot Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert. A 360-degree camera completes the all-round view.

Time to take a break!

Digital display of a speedometer with a reminder to take a break.

If your view to the rear is regularly blocked by the cargo, the reversing camera provides support with a digital inside rearview mirror display. The driving light assistant ensures automatic control of the driving lights. A true highlight: if the light conditions change frequently, you don't need to think about changing the lights.
A potential risk of collision is detected by the Active Brake Assist. If there is no reaction following the visual and audible warning, the system can initiate emergency braking. The radar-based Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC helps maintain the distance to the vehicle in front. In stop-start traffic it can even take over pedal operation for you. Thanks to our electronic assistants you can concentrate fully on what is important and arrive at your destination safely.

Signals to the senses.

If there is an object in the blind spot, the driver receives various warning signals.

All-round view.

The Parking Package including 360-degree camera provides support in case of obstacles outside the field of vision.


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