eCharging Planner
eVito Panel Van

eCharging Planner

Personalised advice in three steps.

Lots of things about electromobility are new and require explaining. With the help of the eCharging Planner, this topic will become more transparent for you. Using specific framework data, the eCharging Planner provides you with valuable assistance in making the decision as to whether an electrically powered van fleet from Mercedes-Benz would be practical and economically viable for you. In the three simple steps "Energy", "Charging" and "Installation", this tool provides well-founded advice as to potential individual solutions for your electrically powered vehicle fleet.

The following questions can be answered with the help of the eCharging Planner:

  • How much energy will the electric fleet need?
  • Is my electrical supply at the premises sufficient?
  • What charging infrastructure (hardware) is required?
  • What needs to be taken into consideration regarding the installation of the charging infrastructure?
  • What is the total cost of entering into electromobility?