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Citan Tourer Service

In the fast lane: service for your Mercedes-Benz Citan Tourer.

Our job: keeping your Citan Tourer running.

With Mercedes-Benz Service you have a partner on your side who knows your van inside-out and who helps keep your vehicle reliably on the road.

Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare for vans.

Your van is an engine for your success. If it is up and running, so too is your business. With Service Contracts from Mercedes-Benz you can ensure that it stays that way. Find out which Mercedes-Benz ServiceCare product is best for your needs.

Mercedes-Benz Service24h and MobiloVan.

If your vehicle should ever suffer a breakdown, the professional Mercedes-Benz Service24h will help you reach your destination. With the Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan mobility guarantee1 this and other useful services are a part of every new Mercedes-Benz van.


Mercedes-Benz MobiloVan applies to the most recent version of the Sprinter, Vito, Citan and Marco Polo ACTIVITY models. MobiloVan is initially valid for 2 years without service restrictions for all vehicles with initial registration date from 1 October 2012 and cover subsequently renews from service to service at authorised Mercedes-Benz Service Partners for a period of up to 30 years.

For the models V-Class, X-Class, Marco Polo and Marco Polo HORIZON the services of Mercedes-Benz Mobilo apply in the most recent version.

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