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Exactly what you need: equipment and accessories for your Citan Tourer.

Numerous equipment features at a glance.

  1. Equipment packages
  2. Interior

    Stowage compartment on dashboard

    The practical stowage compartment on the instrument panel provides you with plenty of space to stow away everyday items such as a smartphone, tablet, wallet or keys during the journey to ensure that these are close at hand.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, stowage compartment on dashboard

    Armrest with stowage compartment

    The armrest with spacious stowage compartment is located between the driver and co-driver seats. If the stowage compartment is closed, it forms a comfortable rest for the arm thanks to the softly padded armrest.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, armrest with stowage compartment

    Leather steering wheel

    The leather steering wheel enhances the look of the cockpit. The pleasant leather covering provides good grip and the ergonomically shaped steering wheel rim tangibly increases the levels of comfort.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, leather steering wheel

    Interior lighting in LED technology

    The optional LED interior lighting at the front and in the rear provides bright illumination for the vehicle interior, making it easier for you to find your way around when it's dark. LED technology is noted for its impressively durable light sources and low energy consumption.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, interior lighting in LED technology

    Tinted rear windows

    Thanks to the tinted glazing in the rear featuring black-tinted glass, the sunlight heats up the vehicle interior less. The dark-tinted windows to the rear of the B-pillar are an attractive design element. In spite of the dark tint of the glass panes, when looking outwards from inside the vehicle, viewing conditions are virtually normal.

    Thanks to the tinted glazing in the rear featuring black-tinted glass, the sunlight heats up the vehicle interior less.
  3. Exterior
  4. Comfort

    Reversing camera

    The reversing camera renders the area directly behind the vehicle visible and can improve the overview when parking and manoeuvring, in particular in tight traffic conditions. What's more, with the help of the camera, low obstacles in the area behind the vehicle can also be perceived more easily.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, reversing camera

    Reversing camera with display in the inside rearview mirror

    This reversing camera shows the area directly behind the vehicle on a display in the inside rearview mirror. This increases safety during parking and manoeuvring – particularly in restricted traffic conditions – and can help to avoid damage to the vehicle.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, reversing camera with display in inside rearview mirror

    Front seat heating

    The electrically operated seat heating increases your seating comfort and well-being in the colder months of the year by immediately warming up cold seats after you get in.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, seat heating for driver and co-driver

    Driver's seat, height adjustable with lumbar support

    The height-adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support enables an ergonomic, back-friendly seating position to be adopted. Besides length and inclination adjustment, you can now also set the seat height and lumbar support individually to suit your needs.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, driver's seat, height adjustable with lumbar support

    Smartphone holder

    The universal smartphone holder allows the use of various mobile end devices in the vehicle. It is positioned on the instrument panel in an easy-to-reach position within the driver's line of sight. With a width span from 57 mm to 95 mm, it can be flexibly adapted to suit the size of the respective mobile phone or smartphone.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, smartphone holder

    Outside mirrors, electric folding and adjustment

    The outside mirrors are heated and electrically adjustable. They allow convenient and fast adjustment after changing drivers, for example. Another feature is the outside mirror heating, which helps counteract misting or icing up.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, outside mirrors, electric folding and adjustment
  5. Technical features
  6. Safety

    Active Brake Assist

    The Active Brake Assist function can help to prevent accidents with vehicles travelling ahead and with crossing pedestrians, or can minimise the consequences of an accident.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, Active Brake Assist

    Active Lane Keeping Assist

    Active Lane Keeping Assist can help you to avoid accidents, not only by detecting unintentional straying from the lane, but also by issuing appropriate warnings and intervening in the steering if required. But you always remain in full control: if you actively steer, brake or accelerate, the system does not intervene.

    Citan Tourer, Active Lane Keeping Assist

    Blind Spot Assist

    With Blind Spot Assist, you'll enjoy safer driving, especially when changing lanes. It uses radar technology to monitor the area which is not covered by your outside mirrors. By means of visual and audible warnings, it can warn you of a potential side impact with other road users.

    With Blind Spot Assist, you'll enjoy safer driving, especially when changing lanes.

    Traffic Sign Assist

    Traffic Sign Assist makes it easier for you to respect speed limits and other signposted instructions. This increases safety.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, Traffic Sign Assist

    Highbeam Assist

    Highbeam Assist automatically switches the main beams on and off in line with the traffic situation and thereby relieves the driver of manually switching back and forth between main beams and dipped beams. The system is controlled by a camera behind the windscreen that permanently records the traffic situation in front of the vehicle.

    Optional equipment.
    Citan Tourer, Highbeam Assist

    Mercedes-Benz emergency call system

    In the event of an accident the Mercedes-Benz emergency call system can help to summon help to the scene of an accident quickly and effectively.

    Citan Tourer, Mercedes-Benz emergency call system

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