Reversing camera

Safe manoeuvring.

The reversing camera assists you when parking and manoeuvring. It provides greater safety when reversing and can help you avoid parking and manoeuvring damage. Depending on the vehicle's equipment, the high-resolution images from the reversing camera are either shown in the multimedia system display or the inside rearview mirror. The camera integrated in the tailgate or in the handle of the rear doors monitors the area around the rear of the vehicle and is activated as soon as you engage reverse gear. Dynamic, horizontal and vertical guidelines1 as well as a 180° view1 additionally facilitate orientation when reversing. In conjunction with an optional trailer coupling, it also comes with a zoom function1 which can facilitate coupling up a trailer. The reversing camera is only deactivated when the driving manoeuvre has ended – in other words: when reverse gear was not engaged for longer than 15 seconds, the vehicle has driven more than 10 metres or its speed has exceeded 10 km/h.

Only in conjunction with the MBUX multimedia system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience).