Can reduce the risk of injury.

Can help protect the co-driver in case of an accident.

The airbag for the co-driver can help protect the head and torso as well as stabilise the entire body and thereby significantly reduce the risk of injury. The airbag for the co-driver is located in the instrument panel on the co-driver side. Its installation is recognisable from the "Airbag" lettering on the instrument panel. The co-driver airbag cannot be deactivated. Upon detecting a collision, the airbag is deployed by the control unit and coordinated with the belt tensioner. To prevent the restraining force of the seat belt from injuring the co-driver, the restraint system includes a belt force limiter. To prevent the inflated cushion from hindering exit from the vehicle, the gasses escape from the airbag through the side facing away from the occupants.

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