Greater safety in critical driving situations.

Stability program with helpful additional functions.

The Electronic Stability Program ESP® accesses both the brake system and the engine management. It continually analyses the measured data from the steering angle sensor, the rpm sensors, the lateral acceleration and yaw rate sensor and can assist the driver should the vehicle enter into an unstable driving condition. In a fraction of a second the ESP® can selectively intervene via the engine electronics and brake system and support the driver by actively building up direction-stabilising brake forces.

The ESP® includes other functions that can increase driving safety in particular situations. They include the anti-lock braking system ABS, ASR Acceleration Skid Control and Brake Assist BAS which, in the event of a detected emergency braking manoeuvre, can increase the brake pressure and thereby shorten the stopping distance. On intervention by the ESP® or Acceleration Skid Control, the ESP® warning lamp in the speedometer starts flashing.

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