The mobility services at a glance.

The mobility services at a glance.

  • Technician's travelling expenses: payment of travelling expenses to and from the breakdown site

  • On-the-spot assistance: minor repairs are performed immediately

  • Towing: to the nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz service partner

  • Taxi, chauffeur service and public transport: as a short-term solution to keep you mobile

  • Vehicle delivery service: straight to you within a radius of 50 km

  • Replacement vehicle: for the duration of the repairs, up to 3 working days

  • Air/rail travel: free onward journey for the driver and all passengers

  • Hotel: accommodation for you and all passengers, up to 3 working days

  • Vehicle return: to your local authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership

  • Organisational assistance: if there are any legal issues or language problems abroad, for example

Mercedes-Benz owners stay mobile Europe-wide, even after an unplanned stop - with Mobilo.