Answers to questions about the Mercedes me Adapter.

What is your question about?

Answers to questions about the Mercedes me Adapter.

What is your question about?

  • General

      The Mercedes me Adapter consists of hardware and software. The hardware, the Mercedes me Adapter, is plugged into the vehicle's diagnostics socket (OBD2 socket) and then linked to the smartphone via Bluetooth®. In this way, it is possible to read out information from the vehicle. A range of safety, service and mobility functions can be used via the Mercedes me Adapter app, based on the read-out data.

      The app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

      Use of the Mercedes me Adapter is free of charge. The usual terms for calls to mobile or landline numbers apply when calling from the app. Depending on the mobile phone contract, there may be costs for the download and data transfer.

      The Mercedes me Adapter can be used for many previously non-connected Mercedes-Benz models built since 2002. Please refer to the following table for a list of compatible models and model<p>The list of model series may vary from country to country. In the case of reimports or grey imports, the original destination country is relevant for compatibility.</p> series. The model-series list may vary from country to country.

      ModelModel seriesYear of manufacture
      A-Class169, 1762004 – 09/2015
      B-Class245, 2462005 – 11/2014
      C-Class204, 2052007 – 09/2014
      C-Class Coupé2042011 – 06/2015
      CLA1172013 – 11/2014
      CLS218, 2192004 – 09/2014
      E-Class211, 2122002 – 03/2015
      E-Class Cabriolet2072010 – 03/2015
      E-Class Coupé2072009 – 03/2015
      G-Class46307/2012 – 08/2016
      GL164, 166from 2006
      GLA1562013 – 09/2015
      GLK204from 2008
      M-Class164, 166from 2005
      R-Class251from 2005
      S-Class221, 2222005 – 09/2014
      SL2312012 – 03/2016
      SLK171, 1722003 – 03/2016
      SLS AMG197from 2010
      Sprinter906from 2006
      Vito447from 2014
      Viano/Vito639from 11/2010
      V-Class4472014 – 09/2016

      The Mercedes me Adapter is available in the following countries:
      Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

      The requirements for using the Mercedes me Adapter are as follows:
      • A compatible smartphone (see "Adapter App" section) with  iOS 11 / Android 6 or later operating system

      • A Mercedes-Benz vehicle from one of the compatible model series and production periods

      • The Mercedes me Adapter App (available free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play)

      • A Mercedes me user account (register at for which the Terms of Use have been accepted

      • Mercedes me Adapter (exclusively available from your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer)

      • Activation of the Mercedes me Adapter services by the Mercedes-Benz service partner after the customer presents a valid identification document and the registration certificate.

      The following data are transferred to the Mercedes-Benz Group AG systems: vehicle identification number, mileage, fuel level, remaining time, remaining distance, workshop and service code, control unit version number if applicable. Data transfer is necessary so that you can receive details of the current vehicle status and suitable maintenance offers. Mercedes-Benz Group AG does not use the transferred data to produce movement profiles. Location details (if available) are only transferred if you call Customer Support in the event of an accident or a breakdown. Personal data such as journey and refuelling lists or the Driver Score are only saved locally on your smartphone and are not forwarded to the Daimler systems.

      The data read out from your vehicle via the Mercedes me Adapter and information saved by you is not synchronised with the Mercedes me Portal. This data is only saved locally on your smartphone. You can view the data in the Mercedes me Adapter App.

      A Mercedes me Adapter can be used in several compatible vehicles. To do this, the vehicle must be linked to your Mercedes me account by your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer. It must be reactivated after being unplugged and plugged into a different vehicle.

      Yes, you can use your Mercedes me user account for the Mercedes me Adapter and add your adapter-compatible vehicle.

      We take data protection into account when designing the networked services. Right from the start, we pay the highest level of attention to data protection during development of the systems and services.

      The car of the future is increasingly becoming a digital companion, which means that we must ensure data security as well as road safety and operating safety.

      Mercedes-Benz Group AG does not produce movement profiles with Mercedes me services. We comply with all applicable laws on data protection, and even governmental authorities can only access the data within the bounds of the law.

      Furthermore, Daimler has a "Corporate Policy for Data Protection for Data of Customers & Partners" to regulate the processing of personal data, which is based on globally accepted basic principles and ensures a uniform and globally valid data protection and data security standard.

      Mercedes me services involve the acquisition of personal data as well as the generation of personal data. This happens on the basis of contractual arrangements or customer consent. The acquired data are saved in encrypted form. Furthermore, the customer can deactivate their Mercedes me Adapter services at any time.

      We use technical and organisational security measures in order to protect user's data against manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorised parties. The security procedures are continually developed as new technology becomes available.

      The Mercedes me Adapter enables many model series manufactured in 2002 or later to become an integral part of the Mercedes me digital world, even if the vehicle is not yet connected.
      The Mercedes me Adapter is an accessory that has been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz Group AG (e.g. in crash tests and tests for electromagnetic compatibility). There is therefore no risk of vehicle damage and loss of warranty as a result of using the Adapter.
      No liability can be accepted regarding the safety and reliability of other makes.

      You can obtain the Mercedes me Adapter exclusively from your Mercedes-Benz service partner – the associated app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, the Adapter's functions and services are being extended all the time and adapted to the needs and wishes associated with a sophisticated, networked driving experience for your Mercedes.

  • Adapter App

      The app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

      The app is available for the following smartphones:
      • Apple: iOS 11 or later operating system
      • Android: version 6 or later operating system

      Root-access and jail-broken smartphones are not supported for security reasons.

      The Mercedes me Adapter and the app give you the benefit of the following services among others:

      • Information about the current vehicle status: fuel level, mileage, parking location and duration

      • Car park locator with information about prices, opening hours and available spaces

      • Filling station locator: search for the nearest or cheapest filling station (in Germany)

      • "Cockpit" Mode with live vehicle data, e.g. engine load, oil temperature and remaining distance

      • "Car Health Monitor" for fast assistance when the vehicle issues warning messages

      • Journey list and refuelling list with export function

      • Locate and contact Mercedes-Benz service partner, and arrange appointments

      • Reminders for important dates such as the main inspection

      After installing the Mercedes me Adapter app, you can already use a few limited functions. To use all of the app's functions, you must obtain and activate an Adapter. Please contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer about this.

      Each time a journey ends, a data package is sent to the Mercedes-Benz Group AG systems. These data packages are not very large. They amount to no more than a few MB per month.
      The filling station/car park locator functions use mobile data in order to show you the latest data.

      Firstly, ensure that the Bluetooth® pairing with the Mercedes me Adapter was successful and that your smartphone is connected with the Adapter MB-xxxx. Your smartphone's Bluetooth® function must be activated for this. The Mercedes me Adapter must be within range. Furthermore, an Internet connection is required for the activation process. Should you nevertheless encounter problems when attempting to start the app, please contact Customer Support.

      If the Mercedes me Adapter has been unplugged, e.g. after a service, it needs to be reactivated. If you have uninstalled the app or are now using it on a different smartphone, reactivation will likewise be necessary.

      If one or more journeys cannot be combined, this may be because there are gaps between these journeys. Two journeys can only be combined if the total mileage at the end of a recorded journey corresponds to the total mileage at the start of the subsequent journey. Furthermore, it is not possible to combine private journeys with business journeys.

      No, combined journeys can no longer be broken back down into individual journeys.

      The CSV file exportable using the "My Journeys" function may contain gaps and be edited subsequently; it is therefore not a legally valid logbook. However, the table can be used as the basis for a logbook.

      Firstly, check the app settings. Here you can define whether and for which functions the app is allowed to determine your location. Location capture should be activated for the "Parking & Locating", "Refuelling" and "My Journeys" functions. Furthermore, the location identification function on the smartphone can be deactivated altogether or just for this app.

      Another possible reason for the missing indications: at the start or end of the journey, you stopped at a location where location identification was not possible, e.g. in an underground car park.

      If the vehicle is moved without the Mercedes me Adapter plugged in, or if there is no connection with the smartphone, e.g. if Bluetooth® has been deactivated, no journeys are recorded. This can cause gaps in the list of recorded journeys.

      If your vehicle is running on the reserve fuel supply, it is no longer possible to determine the fuel level. In this case, it is therefore important to enter the refuelling amount manually.

      If refuelling is added manually, the entered location is not shown on the map because not only addresses can be entered in the location field – you can also enter "journey to work" here, for example. Such locations cannot be shown on the map.

      The Mercedes me Adapter App is the only app to use with the Mercedes me Adapter. Other Mercedes me apps concern vehicles that are already produced with built-in communications module and are therefore not compatible with the Adapter. The functions of the apps may vary as both solutions are based on fundamentally different technologies.

      The general difference between the Mercedes me Adapter and the Mercedes me connect vehicles is that the Adapter communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth® and does not use its own SIM card. If the vehicle ignition is switched off, the Adapter is not active, meaning that Remote Services such as opening and closing of the doors or programming of the stationary heating are not possible.

      When driving abroad, the Adapter can be used without restrictions if data roaming is activated, i.e. the usual costs for data roaming will apply. However, the Adapter can also be used without an Internet connection, although in this case there may be restrictions, e.g. it may not be possible to translate the GPS coordinates into address data.

      On iPhones, this notification appears every time a Bluetooth® device wishes to communicate with the smartphone (hands-free systems are an exception). If the app is already active on the phone (in the foreground or background), the Adapter will establish a connection even if this notification has not been confirmed. Your journeys and refuelling are recorded. However, if the app has been actively ended beforehand (e.g. by "swiping out") or the phone has been restarted, this query must be confirmed so that it is possible to call up the app and establish communication with the Adapter.

      To become more familiar with our customers' preferences and further develop the app, we evaluate anonymised app usage data (using Adobe Marketing Cloud). If it is not wished to save and evaluate information about app usage, this function can be deactivated and reactivated under App Settings > Usage Data Acquisition.

  • Adapter

  • Adapter co-use

      As the main user of a vehicle with a Mercedes me Adapter, you can invite other people to become co-users of this vehicle using the co-user management function. Proceed as follows to do this:

      Go to the Mercedes me Portal, click on "Your Vehicles" and select the relevant vehicle. Then click on "Manage Co-users" in the "Mercedes me connect" section. You can use the "Invite Co-user" function to send an invitation by entering an email address. You and the invited person will be informed by email. The invited co-user can accept the invitation by following the link included in the email.

      The co-user must then reactivate the Adapter on their smartphone by disconnecting and reconnecting it. The Adapter can then be activated in the Mercedes me Adapter app using the "Add New Vehicle" function.

      Once the co-user has performed these steps, they can likewise use the Mercedes me Adapter with your vehicle.

      Only the main user is able to invite co-users.

      After the main user has invited the co-user, the latter must accept the invitation via the link in their email. The co-user likewise requires a Mercedes me user account and the Mercedes me Adapter App, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. One Mercedes me Adapter per vehicle is sufficient for several users.

      The co-user must likewise activate the Adapter to use it. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect and reconnect the Mercedes me Adapter to link the co-user's smartphone to the Adapter. The vehicle can then be added in the app under "Add New Vehicle".

      The co-user can use the full range of the Mercedes me Adapter App's functions. Their personal data (e.g. journey list) are stored solely on their smartphone and cannot be transferred. Only the main user receives the maintenance offers, and only the main user is able to invite other co-users and activate/deactivate the service.

      At the end of the journey, the vehicle values shown on the "My Vehicle" page are saved in the backend and exchanged with the users.

      The contents of "Parking & Locating", "Refuelling" and "My Journeys" are not synchronised. The determined location data in particular only remain locally on the smartphone on which they were recorded.

  • Activation

    Initial activation

    Initial activation

    You have a Mercedes me Adapter, and your Mercedes-Benz dealer has already linked your Mercedes me account? Then you can get started! Proceed as follows during initial activation:

    Step 1

    The download symbol stands for downloading of the "Mercedes me Adapter" App.

    Install the Mercedes me Adapter App on your smartphone.

    Step 2

    The "Mercedes me Adapter" App is launched.

    Launch the app and log in with your Mercedes me account. Follow the in-app instructions.

    Step 3

    Insert the Mercedes me Adapter into the OBD2 socket in the vehicle footwell.

    Open the flap on the diagnostics socket ("OBD2 socket"), located in various places in the driver's footwell, depending on model, and insert the Mercedes me Adapter. The Adapter now has a power supply, confirmed by a blue light.

    Step 4

    Add the device to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

    In your smartphone's Bluetooth® menu, add the device (e.g. "MB-123456").

    Step 5

    Launch the app and select "Start activation and add vehicle".

    Launch the app and select "Add vehicle". Then follow the in-app instructions.
    If there are relevant preconditions that still have to be met in order to ensure successful activation, e.g. acceptance of Terms of Use, the app will take you to the right place on the portal.



    Do you want to reactivate your Mercedes me Adapter (e.g. after a service)? All it takes is two simple steps:

    Step 1

    Insert the Mercedes me Adapter into the OBD2 socket in the vehicle footwell.

    Reinsert the Mercedes me Adapter into the "OBD2 socket" in the driver's footwell.

    Step 2

    Launch the app and select "Add new vehicle".

    Click on your vehicle in the Mercedes me Adapter App, and select "Add vehicle". Follow the in-app instructions.

  • Usage hints

      This user guide is designed to familiarise you with how the Mercedes me Adapter works. Keep this user guide close to hand so that you can refer to it whenever needed. Carefully read the user guide and safety notice before use. YOU MUST OBSERVE THIS SAFETY NOTICE.

      The Mercedes me Adapter is an accessory that has been tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz. A list of vehicles in which the Adapter is allowed to be connected to the diagnostics socket can be found at

      The scope of delivery includes:

      • Mercedes me Adapter

      • "Mercedes me Adapter" Safety Instructions

      • Supplementary sheet for your vehicle's Owner's Manual

      • "Mercedes me Adapter" quick guide

      • Fastenings for the OBD socket flap

      You also require an Android- or iOS-capable smartphone with Bluetooth interface and the corresponding "Mercedes me Adapter" App from the relevant app store.

      Connecting the Mercedes me Adapter to the diagnostics socket always ensures that:

      • the functions of vehicle systems are not impaired,

      • the starter battery cannot become discharged,

      • no emission monitoring information is reset.

      The Mercedes me Adapter may only be used in vehicles approved by Mercedes-Benz with the supported smartphones and operating systems. A list of the approved vehicles can be found in the "General" section, information about compatible smartphones in the "Adapter App" section.

      Risk of distraction due to use of mobile communication devices whilst driving.
      You may be distracted from the road and traffic if you use mobile communication devices whilst driving.
      You can also lose control of the vehicle.
      Only use these devices when the vehicle is stationary.
      Furthermore, we should point out that mobile communication devices/smartphones are to be stowed safely in the vehicle.
      The Mercedes me Adapter has been developed for permanent use in the relevant diagnostics socket and should remain connected there.

      Please observe your home country's laws regarding the use of smartphones in the vehicle whilst driving.

      Conversion or modification of the Mercedes me Adapter impairs functional safety and can have effects on your vehicle. Caution: risk of injury!

      Never open the Mercedes me Adapter unless authorised to do so. Never perform repairs yourself!

      Handle the Mercedes me Adapter with care. It can be damaged by shocks, impacts or dropping from even a low height.

      Keep the Mercedes me Adapter away from moisture and extreme heat.

      Never immerse the Mercedes me Adapter in water or other liquids. To clean it, use a cloth moistened with water. Never use aggressive cleaning agents (vinegar/lemon-based cleaners, scourers, lime scale or nail varnish remover, all-purpose cleaners, neutral cleaners, white spirit, natural cleaners containing oil or similar) or abrasive brushes or sponges or similar cleaning aids to clean the Adapter.

      Keep your Mercedes me Adapter and its accessories out of the reach of children. If any small parts are swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately. Risk of injury or even danger to life!

      In the event of excessive heat generation by the smartphone, always check for proper functioning. If problems persist, please stop the app on your smartphone and contact your smartphone manufacturer.

      Stow or attach the smartphone securely before each journey. Note that, in the event of sudden deceleration (braking), non-secured objects like smartphones can cause major risks, damage and injuries to both the vehicle occupants and other road users.

      People with hearing aids or other devices with the BAHA® ("Bone Anchored Hearing Aid") label or "partially implanted" or "fully implanted" hearing aids may experience an increase in noise interference. Please contact your hearing aid manufacturer to discuss alternatives.

      People with medical devices, e.g. pacemaker or defibrillator: when you use the Mercedes me Adapter, there is a radio link between your smartphone and the Adapter. The electromagnetic radiation can impair the functioning of a medical device. Risk of fatal injury! Before operating the Mercedes me Adapter, always ask your doctor or the medical device's manufacturer about any effects of the Mercedes me Adapter's emissions.

      The use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited at filling stations. There is a risk of explosion as the battery can spring out of the mobile phone if it is dropped, and the sparks caused by this could ignite petrol fumes. It is prohibited to remove or insert the Mercedes me Adapter when the vehicle is in a refuelling area.

      Refrain from any software re-engineering or logging/decompiling as well as any code tampering with regard to the Mercedes me Adapter and the app. Risk of injury!

      Jail-broken smartphones (non-authorised removal of usage restrictions on the mobile operating systems of the smartphone manufacturers) are not supported and are generally excluded from usage.

      Technical modifications, errors, omissions and deviations excepted!

      Important information regarding disposal of the Mercedes me Adapter:

      • Do not dispose of this electrical device in the household waste. Consult your local collection points or authorities for details of how to dispose of the device correctly.

      • The Mercedes me Adapter has WEEE Approval (Disposal) EC Directive 2012/19/EU.

      • Uncontrolled disposal of electrical devices can lead to hazardous materials entering the groundwater and therefore the food chain, endangering your health and well-being.

      • If you replace the device with a new one, the vendor is legally obliged to at least take back the old device for disposal free of charge.

      Askey Communication GmbH as the manufacturer hereby declares that the "Mercedes me Adapter" product complies with the fundamental requirements and other applicable regulations in the directives listed below:

      • Directive 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment,

      • Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS),

      • Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 chemical substances (REACH).

      Operating frequency and maximum output: Bluetooth (2402 MHz ~ 2480 MHz) max. 10 dBm e.i.r.p.

      The declaration of conformity can be viewed at

      If you have any further questions about the declaration of conformity, please contact: Askey Communication GmbH, Fritz-Vomfelde-Strasse 8, 40547 Düsseldorf, Germany

      If you have any other queries or problems, please contact your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer or Customer Support.