Mercedes-Benz service contracts.

Protects against unplanned maintenance costs and unexpected repairs.

Whether you have one or several Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles:our Mercedes-Benz service contracts protect you against unplanned maintenance costs and unexpected repairs. That means you can do longer-term planning and concentrate on your core business and all the demands that come with it.

Configure your service contract individually, as we offer excellent contract terms specifically aligned with your requirements. With our Mercedes-Benz service contract you not only enjoy personal but also financial security. You only pay a low fixed monthly amount based on the vehicle model, required contract period and vehicle mileage.

The service contract scores by virtue of its low cost and value retention for your vehicle: whether you drive it for many years or want to sell it, you can always rely on Mercedes-Benz quality.That's because all work covered by your service package is carried out exclusively by specialists in our authorised dealerships, using high-quality Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Always on the safe side with our service contract:

Mercedes-Benz service contracts offer a range of services for your truck. A package aligned with your requirements ensures that you play it safe right from the start. your package offers you tried-and-tested Mercedes-Benz quality within Europe with no cash required.

You can adapt the services to your individual needs and put together your own safety package – the CharterWay Service Complete package provides the most comprehensive service. Your truck will be in top condition from the very first mile. There is a price break when you sign a full-service contract and use the FleetBoard "Service" and "Uptime" service products.