FleetBoard hardware

Economy is a question of technology. And technology is what FleetBoard is about

The new Actros comes with the best conditions for economy at the highest level. One of these is the FleetBoard hardware, installed as standard. FleetBoard supports you in your fleet management with telematics solutions so that you have full control over the efficiency in your fleet. FleetBoard TiiRec and FleetBoard DispoPilot are a winning combination that can help you succeed.

FleetBoard TiiRec. The heart of vehicle management

FleetBoard TiiRec is the computer terminal for transmitting technical data for every vehicle with a vehicle interface. The integrated GSM/GPRS modem and GPS receiver enable communication over mobile networks and the linking of all vehicle information with position data, e. g. the vehicle’s location. Driver identification is via an inserted FleetBoard driver card or a DTCO driver card

The DispoPilot provides flexible hardware for transport management and is available in two variants:

DispoPilot.mobile. Plug in and take off.

The vehicle requires DispoPilo.mobile in order to access transport management services. The touchscreen device with colour display can be removed from its fixture and contains a barcode scanner for recording packaged items. Other features include a digital signature function and direct communication with HQ using an order form and free format text capability. As an option truck attributes can be integrated in the navigation system. The navigation also includes other functions such as Lane Keeping Assist and a route planning function to take account of hazardous goods transportation

DispoPilot.guide: This variant is permanently installed and has a large screen. The computer terminal for the cab has a 7-inch (17.8 cm) screen and represents an affordable entry into the world of professional transport management.

FleetBoard TiiRec and DispoPilot are serviced via Remote Update.