Cost-efficiency, reliability and economy included as standard

Lower costs per kilometre – the application-optimised powertrain configurations for the Actros are designed for highly economical operation. The highly-reliable Euro V engines and BlueTEC® SCR diesel technology deliver low fuel consumption and economical compliance with the Euro V emissions standard.

The Telligent® maintenance system enables maintenance intervals of up to 120,000 km and optional engine oil change intervals of up to 150,000 km, depending on operating conditions. Because, being geared to the actual load of the Actros, it allows the potential of all the service fluids to be used to the full.Consumption-optimised high-mileage tyres or the optionally available super-wide tyres with aluminium rims increase the vehicle's payload by around 110 kg and reduce rolling resistance. In addition, the two-stage regulated water pump* and - in the case of air-sprung 4x2 semitrailer tractors, for example - the compressed air control and optionally available A-pillar panelling, all contribute towards low consumption figures.

Optionally available Economy Packs reduce costs even further. Moreover, the standard Mercedes PowerShift 2 automatic transmission enhances economy and impresses with its optimised shifting comfort and swift gear changes.

There is also a potential for savings in the reasonably-priced service contracts or in services such as, for instance, FleetBoard® and the Mercedes-Benz BlueTecEco driver training for a style of driving favouring low consumption, low-wear-and-tear. And our close-knit network of workshops with over 1750 service outlets all across Europe, some of them open around the clock, all ensure that in the event of a breakdown your truck is back on the road as soon as possible. We give our very best for this.

** only for Actros 320 kW L- and Megaspace cab, for all Actros with V6 engines available as standard