The Zetros in construction-site transport

Outstanding traction, a high transport capacity and robust large-scale production technology

The Zetros combines a lifetime of off-road know-how with innovative technology to create a leading-edge truck concept capable of mastering even the most challenging off-road conditions. Many drivers appreciate the advantages of a cab-behind-engine (CBE) vehicle. It delivers outstanding handling, a comparatively smooth ride and easy cab entry thanks to its low height and CBE design concept.

Its uncompromising configuration as an all-wheel drive heavy-duty vehicle equips the Zetros to negotiate even the most difficult terrain en route to a construction site.

With a permissible GVW of 18 t for the two-axle variant and 27 t for the three-axle truck, it is ideal for use as a back-up or supply vehicle. Operating as a crane and platform or with other equipment/body variants, the Zetros will transport materials, equipment and crew quickly and safety to your destination.

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