CharterWay Service.

Only a commercial vehicle ready for deployment is an economic commercial vehicle.

The availability of a commercial vehicle is one of the most important factors when considering profitability. But hard and continual deployment presupposes it is in technically faultless condition at all times.
To ensure mobility and retain the value of your vehicle fleet, CharterWay Service offers modules providing maintenance and repair coverage to match your own particular requirements. These can include a replacement vehicle service, tyre replacement service etc.

The principle: fixed instalment payments, which allow you to reliably build in your costs into your estimates to customers. The individual CharterWay Service products are configured and layered in such a way that the needs of a long-distance transport fleet are covered just as well as a van used for local runs. This allows precise business estimates to be made and orders taken, regardless of their intended use or the size of the fleet, even in unpredictable times.
Convenient processing using the CharterWay ServiceCard, extensive administrative services and comprehensive customer support across a European network of authorised Mercedes-Benz sales and service partners are included in every CharterWay Service product.